Three unu scooters and unu mobile application

unu Share

A full solution for your sharing business. Built from the ground up.

unu Scooter

An unmatched sharing experience.

unu Scooter motor


The unu Scooter is the only scooter that fits two batteries and two helmets under the seat – ideal for you and your customers.

Electric Drive

With 3kW and 4kW motor versions, the unu Scooter is designed for fast acceleration and has a battery range of up to 100km.


The display includes navigation as well as custom notification options – making it easy for users to find their way around the city.
Electric Drive

Designed in Berlin. Engineered in Germany

Fleet Operations Software

Increase operational efficiency using our software.

Our custom-built tools maximize the availability of your fleet. They automate tasks and give you full transparency and control over in-field operations.

fleet management Back Office Control

Back Office Control

  • Always know what's needed to keep your fleet available for booking
  • Save time and resources with automated task management
  • Customizable based on your individual needs
  • Integrated communication, dispatching and planning
Mobile app for field fleet management staff

Mobile App for Field Staff

  • Efficient on-site work with automated task creation
  • User tested, self-explanatory workflows
  • Assignment and prioritization for full control
  • Quickly react on failures with damage reporting

Sharing Operations Software

All the tools you need to grow a successful sharing business.

Our sharing operations enable you to scale quickly and effectively across different markets – while staying flexible on the go.

Manage business areas and non-parking zones

Business Configuration

  • Manage pricing and packages
  • Configure payment and billing options
  • Create and distribute coupon schemes
Sharing finance image


  • Charge users on different payment methods
  • Provide invoicing for charges
  • Manage charges and refunds
Customer support image

Customer Support

  • Manage user accounts
  • Manage rentals
  • Configure sign-up and driving license validation

Powered by the unu Cloud

Out-of-the-box integration for stable connectivity.

Compliant Data Security

Our highly secure system protects you and your customers.

A Fully Integrated Solution

Seamless compatibility between hardware and software.

Grow your business successfully with unu Share. Our out-of-the-box electric scooter sharing solution lets you choose between a full package or just hardware and Cloud to Cloud API. Use our software solution on top, or alternatively use your own or third party software that can easily be connected to the unu Cloud.

Option 1
Option 2
Option 3
Option 4

Sounds complex? Not with us.

  • Electric scooters with natively embedded telematics, already connected to the cloud
  • Manage different cities, their business areas, payments, billing and refunds
  • Keep the scooters running in great condition with a fleet management tool
  • Provide an unparalleled user experience with an easy-to-use app

Partnership Options

A modular solution, tailored to your needs.

No matter what you already have and what you’re looking for: We’re flexible in our partnership opportunities – from providing the full software stack to integrating your own or third party solution.

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